Innovation und Kreativität Workshop
Creative and Innovative


Implementing and developing ideas – individual workshops

Creativity and innovation are moving further and further up the business agenda. But identifying a good idea isn’t something that happens just like that. Ideas can be developed and implemented step by step. In our Creative and Innovative seminar, we look at a variety of useful methods for allowing people to make associations and not only come up with ideas but also implement them.

In the introductory course (4 to 6 hours) you learn about holistic innovation and creativity methods. We show you techniques that provide simple yet effective support, from initial concepts to implementing an idea. Of course, you will play an active role in this. After all, it is important that you are creative and innovative yourself in order to spot the connections and mutual support you get from each of the methods and understand their effects. Through discussions with other course participants, you identify further ideas which broaden your horizons.

Ingenious ideas are never down to chance

In this 2-day intensive course, we take a detailed look at how to systematically use creativity and innovation. You will also learn how a more disciplined approach can set a process in motion with a clear goal in mind: specific plans for new products, exceptional potential solutions, or even totally new business concepts.

These individual Creative and Innovative workshops are only available as in-house seminars. We will tailor the content of courses to your individual needs.