User Experience


Product Development around desirability as well as the business case and technology

This is an overview of Automotive User Experience (AUX) methods and tools, and how they can be implemented in keeping with Automotive SPICE® and Agile Development. AUX methods are about understanding the needs of the users, prototyping designs with those needs in mind, and measuring the product quality based upon the customers' perception(s). What are the best tools and processes for AUX methods to feed stakeholder requirements as to drive product differentiation, especially during innovation? How does this map to financial income sheets for driving the overall business?

Aims and course details

Introduction to Automotive User Experience

  • What is User Experience
  • Historical Issues and/or Myopia for Automotive UX
  • Various disciplines within AUX
  • Mapping of UX to the Income Sheet
  • How to generally think about an AUX Improvement Launch

Downselecting UX Tools to Use

  • The Iterative Circle of AUX
  • The Recommended Ten (10) tools of AUX and how they fit into the Iterative Circle
  • Practical examples and exercises regarding the tools

The End to End (E2E) Experience

  • What do we mean by E2E?
  • What is a "flywheel" and what does the Connected Vehicle flywheel look like?
  • Practical applications about specific E2E failings
  • Levers for revenue growth or productivity enhancements
  • How to measure the E2E experience to enable that growth or productivity

AUX and Agile

  • Where do Lean UX and Agile overlap and where do they differ?
  • How does the Iterative Circle mate with the Sprint Cycle of Scrum?
  • How might the AUX engineer feed the Product Owner?
  • How might this influence or shape Agile's Definition of Done?
  • Needed shifts in culture and schedule


  • Quick overview of ASPICE
  • The cost advantages of Shifting Left
  • Historical blinders to AUX in ASPICE
  • The concept of a AUX plugin to 3.1

Driving AUX Improvements into the Org

  • The Change Curve
  • Applying Galbraith's 5-star Model to AUX Improvements
  • Reinforcing AUX is everyone's job

Course details

  • Duration: 1 day
  • From 9am to 5pm local time
  • Networking: Complimentary lunch provided
  • The number of participants is limited to fifteen (15)

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Title: Automotive User Experience. Product Dev around desirability 
Term: 11.03.-11.03.2021
Location: Greater Detroit
Language: EN
Price: 1.250 USD p.P.*

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