Kugler Maag Cie

A Matter of Trust

Many master the methods & standards. The wider view makes the difference.
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  • Conference Review


    Toulouse, France, June, 5-6th

    Renaissance Re-Born: Hans-Jürgen Kugler, Chief Scientist at Kugler Maag Cie, reflected on the Internet of Things' change impact. › find out more

  • CMMI Assessment

    Asseco Poland

    at Level 3!

    Kugler Maag Cie congratulates to the successful assessment: Asseco Poland's development process are compliant with the CMMI-DEV reference model at the third maturity level. › find out more

  • Enabling Your Business

    Getting better


    We ensure that process improvements are reduced to practice and change projects are mastered successfully.
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  • German Consultancy



    We support you in the improvement of your business – from analysis, consultancy, and operative implementation to training and coaching.
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Improving together

Operational excellence is our focus. Kugler Maag Cie supports you comprehensively in the improvement of your business – from analysis and improvement definition to operational implementation.

Our goal, whether your business is product development or services, is to foster your creation of a continually improving organization.

Functional Safety


Functional Safety

What does the practical application of DIN EN 61508 and ISO/DIS 26262 look like? So far only in German. As of now, available as E-Book.

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