As Kugler Maag Cie, we see robust engineering as the essential factor for success in an increasingly technological world. How engineering teams develop products has become as critical to competitive survival as the products themselves.

Business vision of Kugler Maag Cie

Boundaries of known invention must change or expand, and so we constantly question the status quo. We enthusiastically guide our customers to solutions that understand, overcome or even resolve contradictory engineering challenges in order to strengthen their innovations, value creation, and resilience.


Customer intimacy has been Kugler Maag Cie's key to success.

Bonifaz Maag Co-founder and CEO of Kugler Maag Cie

Therefore, we

closely assist our customers with creating individual, specific and holistic solutions as a reliable, long-term and independent partner,

actively contribute to committees and associations, lecture at conferences and offer training to both share our knowledge and complement our services, and

model our actions and development based upon cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual respect, appreciation and diversity.

This is supported and promoted by an appropriate management culture and suitable organizational structures with the cornerstones of adaptability, continuous reflection and learning; even from mistakes.