Process Expert (Automotive SPICE® v4.0)

This 4 day course to become an intacs-certified Process Expert provides you with a detailed understanding of the Automotive SPICE v4.0 model and the corresponding Automotive SPICE Guidelines. The training takes you through numerous practical exercises, allowing you to independently apply process improvements to individual topics. This enables you to work or lead a process improvement program in your own company.

  • Automotive SPICE v4.0 Process Expert (intacs)

    Training objectives & content

    Interested in understanding and improving the processes used at your company according to the ISO 33000 standard and Automotive SPICE® v4.0? 

    Also interested in gaining a thorough understanding of standards and assessment methods? Then our Automotive SPICE® training (intacs®-certified) is exactly what you’re looking for!

    This training will provide you with detailed insights into the structure and subject matter of Automotive SPICE® assessments.

    All our intacs® certification trainings are performed by well educated intacs® certified Instructors.

    •   4 days
    •   from 9 - 17 o'clock
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    •   DE | EN
    •   limited to 12 participants
    •   intacs certified Process Expert

    Whether its certification training you need or an individual workshop, you always benefit from the full advantages of our know-how. We will design the right training to match your needs, for you (individually) as an expert, or as an exclusive in-house course for your company. Our experts offer all courses in German and English.

    Smilja Mateja, Training Coordination

    Objectives of training to become an Automotive SPICE® v4.0 Process Expert

    • Detailed understanding of the Automotive SPICE® v4.0 reference model
    • Graduation as an intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Process Expert 


    To gain certification as an intacs®-certified Process Expert (Automotive SPICE v4.0), you are expected to pass the exam successfully.

    At least two years of relevant full-time professional experience: e.g., in R&D projects for software-based automotive electronics systems or quality assurance-related processes in this area.

    Please note that we charge an examination fee of EUR 450 on behalf of VDA QMC. VDA QMC also charges an additional fee for intacs® registration.


    This training course is certified under the International Assessor Certification Scheme (intacs™) and lays a foundation for training to become an intacs™-certified Automotive SPICE® assessor. Automotive SPICE® is a trademark of VDA QMC.

    Course content: intacs™ certified Automotive SPICE® v4.0 Process Expert

    • The motivations for improving software development processes 
    • Introduction to the ISO 330xx standard and the Automotive SPICE® v4.0 model
    • Evaluation of the process dimension used in the assessment model
    • Evaluation of the capability dimension used in the assessment model
    • Detailed understand of the processes in the “recommended Assessment Scope” for system and software level: MAN.3 SUP.1 SUP.8 SUP.9 SUP.10 SYS.2 SYS.3 SYS.4 SYS.5 SWE.1 SWE.2 SWE.3 SWE.4 SWE.5 SWE.6
    • Not in scope: processes for hardware development and processes for machine learning. Please refer to our extension trainings.


    To consolidate your knowledge acquired on courses, we also provide you with education software. This includes a self-assessment module to allow you to evaluate your level of knowledge and gauge progress.

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    07 Oct - 10 Oct 2024 ASPICE v4.0 Process Expert

    2,421 eur p.P.*

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    2,205 eur p.P.*

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    Please note that we charge an examination fee of €450 on behalf of VDA QMC. VDA QMC also charges an additional fee for intacs™ registration.

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    Over the years, we have refined our training to

    • integrate the methodical know-how acquired by our instructors as authors, 
    • including a treasure trove of expertise gathered by working on industry committees, 
    • and also encompassing up-to-the-minute insights derived from actual consulting projects with clients.

    Their experience with international projects across multiple sectors of industry allows our trainers to answer your questions by drilling down into the specific detail.

    Process & organisation

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    These conditions do not apply to VDA examination fees for Automotive SPICE® assessor training sessions or the Scaled Agile, Inc. fee for SAFe training.

    We strongly recommend that you have the appropriate ISO standards at hand for and during the exam, and of course during your further work.

    For the Cybersecurity Engineer training (TÜV Nord) this concerns ISO/SAE 21434, for the Functional Safety Engineer course (TÜV Rheinland) the safety standard ISO 26262. For Automotive SPICE® training, however, you will receive the model in the form of our original pocket guide.

    For legal reasons, we are unfortunately not authorized to provide you with a copy of ISO standards. Please ask your employer if you can obtain the respective standard there.

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