Complexity can be so much fun. Especially when you’re working with the right people. We take on the kinds of projects that others really struggle with.

And because the teams we build are made up of smart people – who have the right soft skills and understand the importance of mutual support – we actually see complexity as a challenge.

Our term for this:


There’s nothing like a project that gets the nerves tingling – but is still fun. We work with people in a partnership of equals to ensure we can deliver even the most complex of projects. That’s because we see ourselves on the same wavelength – we enjoy being challenged and empowering clients to move forwards. Together, we have an amazing treasure-trove of knowledge stored in the minds of many. And we’re more than prepared to share our skills with others. This is because only by pooling our collective knowledge can we support each other and our clients – and make sure we are equipped for major tasks.


In 2020, Kugler Maag Cie was named one of the best employers in Germany as part of the nationwide Great Place to Work® programme – which we excelled in. The award reflects the high standards and attractiveness of Kugler Maag Cie as an employer.

We place emphasis on creating a unique working atmosphere for our people. We all have what it takes to become an expert in a specific field. But at the same time, we can all help each other move forwards. How? By tackling the many different challenges posed by client projects. And we come from very different backgrounds, with a diversity of ways of looking at things. Plus, we believe in being fair to others and team play.

We want to keep up the momentum of this approach to working together by finding more people to come and work with us.

Which is where we’d like to invite you to join us!

Welcome on board

In the future, connected vehicles and all of their key interfaces will need to be protected at every stage of the life cycle – from development to production, in-service maintenance, everyday driving and even disposal – in keeping with data protection requirements. This is where we come in, with risk assessments and cybersecurity solutions that look at processes, products and key information.


Due to continuing growth and expansion, we are currently looking to recruit experienced specialists for a variety of pioneering improvement projects. Your skills and know-how in electronics development will enable you to support our international clients in the automotive industry in reorganising themselves and adapting setups.

Whether you’re an analyst, someone who inspires, a guide and supporter, or an initiator – managing large-scale improvement projects in keeping with defined objectives is one of your personal strengths. You will supply our clients with ideas and structure to ensure that their distributed development projects in the field of electronic systems are delivered effectively and efficiently.

The challenges you rise to

  • You will consult with clients as part of process improvement projects and provide them with support on implementation. Typically this will involve working directly on site with customers, enjoying plenty of project variety alongside a whole range of automotive suppliers and manufacturers.
  • You will also provide methodical support in the introduction and implementation of automotive cybersecurity standards
  • You will run workshops and training sessions on automotive cybersecurity
  • You look forward to working with motivated colleagues and exchanging experiences and ideas with them

The things you already offer

  • You have project experience in the automotive industry
  • You have experience working on projects involving automotive cybersecurity (ideally, you are already familiar with certain standards, e.g. ISO/SAE 21434, SAE J3061, UNECE, ISO 27001, TISAX or similar). Ideally, you also have experience with other methods and topics, for example functional safety and Automotive SPICE®.
  • You possess the soft skills to win over clients and show them how to make improvements 
  • You have a solid or excellent command of German and English
  • You enjoy working on site with customers, including abroad if requested

Is this you we’re talking about? If so, we look forward to meeting you in person.

Automotive SPICE® is a method for improving and assessing the development process relating to control units. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) recommends that suppliers working in the field of electronics development structure their processes according to the guidelines laid down under Automotive SPICE®. We have carried out more than 10,000 hours of assessment in this area, offering a treasure trove of expertise in understanding the processes encountered in mechatronic systems.

Lead Assessor (m*w*d)

As a Lead Assessor, you will already have a number of years of experience working in the field of process assessment with Automotive SPICE®. You know how to manage the delicate balance between OEM requirements and expectations regarding company projects and the organisation undergoing assessment. You are also familiar with the requirements of intacsTM and VDA QMC.

The things you can’t wait to work on

  • You will head up Automotive SPICE® assessments at automotive suppliers and provide development units with recommendations on the systematic and sustainable improvements they can introduce to their processes and workflows.
  • As a trainer, you will provide instruction to users of Automotive SPICE® and help educate assessors in keeping with intacsTM guidelines  
  • You already have a solid understanding of the work involved in day-to-day development, ideally from first-hand experience. Agile methods and safety requirements adhering to ISO 26262 are certainly nothing new to you. 
  • Your work will take you all around the world and you enjoy working in a multicultural environment 
  • You look forward to working with motivated colleagues and exchanging experiences and ideas with them

The things you already offer

  • You have proven expertise in process improvements as an official intacsTM Competent or Principal Assessor 
  • Thanks to your previous experience as an instructor, you are familiar with training sessions and know how to share the required knowledge with course participants 
  • You have the ability to quickly analyse different requirements and situations and share your insights clearly with third parties 
  • Ideally, you are familiar with agile methods and even scaling models, or you have had exposure to industry requirements such as functional safety
  • You relish the opportunity to work on site with clients in their development units in all corners of the globe

Is this you we’re talking about? If it is, we look forward to meeting you in person.

The ISO automotive safety standard 26262 outlines how safety-critical systems should be developed in keeping with the latest technology. The aim is to avoid people coming to harm due to malfunctions in the vehicle electronics. This is a multifaceted field and we are looking for specialists to provide consulting services in a variety of areas.


Ever since the introduction of ISO standard 26262, we have been the leading experts in the market. In addition to our consulting work, we also share our expertise through our involvement in specialist committees and commissions. Some of our colleagues have distinguished themselves as authors: for example, we wrote the first standard work on using ISO 26262. As a partner to the technical inspectorate TÜV Rheinland, we regularly train people as Functional Safety Engineers (TÜV Rheinland).

Your role as a consultant will involve providing support to R&D departments working on the development of safety-related systems. A variety of system components overlap in this area, from control units to sensors, actuators and bus systems. Hardware and software are developed into entire systems. So to understand systems in their entirety, we pull together know-how and skills from a variety of angles. And this is where you will have something to contribute, drawing on your experience and background.

The things you will work on

  • You will play an active role in supporting clients with their automotive projects. This will involve working directly on site with developers and engineers. 
  • For example, you will input with the know-how they require to match their safety management systems to requirements, acting as a safety manager, moderating teams, conducting safety tests (FMEA, FTA, FMEDA), selecting safety mechanisms to match the safety concept, or developing content as proof of safety.  
  • If you already have a strong track record in functional safety, you will share your know-how in user workshops or by carrying out safety assessments 
  • You will often be involved in other tasks or fulfil different roles during projects. This will allow you to demonstrate your technical knowledge and play to your strong soft skills. Sometimes you will act as a consultant, sometimes as a process developer, a moderator or a coach. 
  • You won’t look at functional safety in isolation; you will take a broader view and consider overarching issues affecting projects. For example, you will also think about the kinds of requirements that are important for the Automotive SPICE® process improvement model.

The things you already offer

  • You have a strong track record in a key field pertinent to this role, such as software or hardware development. Ideally, you can already point to previous successes in the field of control units and have played a role in developing or introducing embedded systems, perhaps in the automotive sector.
  • Ideally, you received a university education
  • Your understanding of technical issues motivates you to see products from the inside out and check all kinds of safety factors 
  • When it comes to processes, you can’t help but be curious – you want to understand in what way a control unit is actually safe, effective or efficient as a result of how it was developed
  • Ideally, you have previous experience with the introduction of safety standards such as ISO 26262
  • You enjoy working in an international environment and are prepared to work on client projects in Germany, the rest of Europe and occasionally further abroad

Is this you we’re talking about? If it is, we look forward to meeting you in person.

We work differently

At Kugler Maag Cie, you’re given early responsibility and the chance to make a difference,which is just as good for your personal development as it is for the company and our clients. You can expect to work on a diversity of tasks and projects for leading customers, as well as a number of pioneering projects involving electronic development. Depending on requirements, we may talk to you about assignments abroad. You can usually decide for yourself how to organise your role, with an emphasis on working at the client’s place of business.

Diversity that's us.

With us, you can expect an open team with colleagues from different professional and private backgrounds. Kugler Maag Cie is diversity in practice. We develop unconventional solutions by bringing different perspectives together. Our mixed team includes the entire age spectrum, colleagues from three continents and the joined expertise from various industries and fields of knowledge.

Wir leben Vielfalt.
Mir liewen Diversitéit.
Viviamo la diversità.
мы есть многообразие.
La diversité, c'est nous.
Uniți prin diversitate.
हम विविधता जीते हैं.
Éljük a sokféleséget.
Somos la diversidad.
Roznorodnosc to my.
እናመሰግናለን ቅዳሜና እሁድ.
మేము వైవిధ్యంగా జీవిస్తాము.
Çeşitliliğimizle variz.
Vi är mångfald.
Живимо разноликост.
We leven diversiteit.
ንሕና ፍልልይና ኢና።.
Mi smo raznolikost.
ਵਿਭਿੰਨ, ਹੈ ਅਸੀਂ.

Personal development is important to us, so we support you on all fronts. We have set up internal communities of practice to facilitate the pooling of knowledge and expertise. This is our way of sharing and discussing experiences and working through the know-how we acquire – together. We also support your development through staff training and continuing professional development, and we provide comprehensive mentoring and coaching options. If you’re interested in sharing knowledge yourself, for example through conference papers, white papers or other publications, we also have the tools for you to make this happen.

This is our application process.

Timo Wölper, who was previously in charge for the entire application process at Kugler Maag Cie, explains how we handle applications and what we expect from you. 

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Moving our customers forward together with my team mates that's what I enjoy.

Michael Thomas Managing Consultant

Dr Giuseppe Pepe

Dottore Giuseppe Pepe consults companies when it comes to process improvement. In this interview with the experienced project manager and hardware expert you'll learn how Dr Pepe managed the switch to the consultant side.

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It is always a nice moment when the customer reports relieved: Finally, something has started to happen.

Horst Hientz Principal und Partner

Talking with Marion Siegl

Marion Siegl consults those teams new with agility how to deploy this approach the best.

In a conversation with the Agile Coach you will learn how she made the leap into the consulting role.

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