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As part of global safety science leader UL Solutions, we are proud to be one of the world's leading automotive consulting firms for E/E systems, supports the automotive industry in the transformation to software-defined mobility. To build up software expertise at scale, we align the needs of people, processes and technologies.


    Seeing the bigger picture

    Driven by dynamic customer requirements, we help create process-oriented organizations, interpret standards and coach customers on how to best navigate the product development lifecycle. 
    Furthering the mission of working for a safer world, we extend the UL Solutions automotive portfolio by helping customers tackle the complexity of software-defined vehicles to deliver increased safety and reliability. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are increasingly seeking holistic offerings that support multiple and evolving standards, regulations and other technical requirements while accelerating the delivery of automotive processes and safety-critical products and services. Our team’s expertise in research-based, methodical and structured workflow improvement complements UL Solutions’ global leadership in applied safety science.

    Our consulting and training offerings focus on an integrated development cycle that encompasses the highly interrelated areas of automotive systems engineering, digital service management, Automotive SPICE®, functional safety, SOTIF and cybersecurity — all of which play critically important roles in connected vehicle systems and drive the mobility industry forward.

    Image   Competence partners of the Kugler Maag Cie group

    The key to our success is a close understanding of our customers. We have been working with a large number of them for many years, building relationships based on strong trust. This mutual respect and reliability has allowed us to lay a foundation for learning from one another and growing together. We combine this approach with our expertise in understanding the requirements of new technology and working with customers to improve the output of their development processes.

    We're here for you

    Need support with a key project? We’re your first port of call when it comes to management consulting and improvement programmes in electronics development.

    Steffen Herrmann and the sales team

    Consulting competence

    We offer a combination of management consulting and professional implementation that is unique in the world of electrical/electronics development.

    Automotive Systems Engineering

    With Automotive Systems Engineering, we ensure that you can transparently control the entire R&D process – from the concept phase to fleet operation. Automotive Systems Engineering combines the system/product perspective with the process dimension and appropriate problem-solving methods. This makes system integration manageable: you will see all the requirements of your project at a glance, such as required work products or deadlines to be met. Together with the lifecycle blueprint AiD, you thus control the entire product development process – in your company, at your suppliers and across all mechatronics disciplines.

    1000+ ASSESSORS

    We have now trained more than 1000 assessors according to intacs™ guidelines.

    Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

    20 agile coaches

    Our agile experts have proven their skills on numerous certification projects, acting as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agilists and Coaches. Because we are strong believers in diversity and versatility, we offer a variety of effective models and ways of looking at things.

    Agile Automotive since 2010

    200+ YEARS

    Benefit from over 200 people-years of cumulative project experience, often involving improvement programmes lasting several years.

    Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

    Committee work

    We work as expert advisors to a variety of industry associations, for example through our committee work for the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI).

    Functional safety in automotive electronics? We’re the experts!

    SINCE 2008

    We’re proud that we have been one of the pioneers of functional safety since 2008 and that this has given us the opportunity to leverage our experience in developing the ISO 26262 safety standard.

    Functional safety in automotive electronics? We’re the experts!


    We have written multiple editions of »Automotive SPICE® in Practice«, already an industry classic.

    Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

    100+ CUSTOMERS

    Over 100 corporate customers on four continents bank on our experience.

    Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!


    We developed and conducted the often-quoted industry barometer on Agile Automotive. State of Practice


        Agile Automotive since 2010

    700+ PROJECTS

    We have a wealth of experience in functional safety according to ISO 26262, having conducted over 700 projects with more than 100 clients worldwide.

    Functional safety in automotive electronics? We’re the experts!

    Since 2010

    We are proud of our pioneering role in driving the implementation of agile development methods in the automotive electronics industry.

    Agile Automotive since 2010


    We sustainably improve the operational processes and structures in the R&D units of your electronics development, from the team to the entire business unit. With our unique AiD blueprint, we ensure that your development is set up in a target-oriented manner and meets specifications such as functional safety, automotive security or Automotive SPICE®. AiD complements Systems Engineering to provide an integrated R&D framework designed directly for the needs of the automotive industry.


    Agile Automotive



    Automotive SPICE








    Automotive Cybersecurity








    Argus Cybersecurity

    Starting in 2019, we have been supporting Argus' cybersecurity experts from Israel's Silicon Wadi in systematically improving their process landscape.


    AUDI – SINCE 2004

    We’ve been working with Audi on a variety of key projects since 2004, mainly on process improvements and comprehensive training programmes in Germany. 



    BMW GROUP – SINCE 2000

    We have been working with E/E development at BMW since 2000, primarily offering management consulting, company-wide improvement programmes, project support and extensive training in Germany.

    BOSCH – SINCE 1994

    We’ve been a partner of the Bosch corporation since 1994. As well as supporting units across the organisation with the roll-out of management systems and improvement programmes, we’ve also worked on assessments, projects and training programmes at sites in Germany, Europe and beyond. 




    We’ve been providing Continental with control systems development support since 2004, with a focus on management consulting, improvement programmes, assessments and detailed training for staff in all areas of the world. 



    DAIMLER – SINCE 2004

    We’ve been helping Daimler with the development of automotive electronics for motorcars and commercial vehicles since 2004. They turn to us for consulting services on management systems, assessments, improvement programmes and training programmes across the globe. 



    DENSO – SINCE 2008

    We have been supporting and guiding Denso with its entry to the European market since 2008, primarily offering management consulting, improvement programmes, project support and training in Germany, Europe and Japan.

    E.GO – SINCE 2017

    We are proud to be working with this innovative electric vehicle manufacturer on the RWTH Campus in Aachen and helping it set up its safety management system.

    FIAT AUTO – SINCE 2007

    We provide Fiat Group with training on implementing process improvements in Italy and Germany.


    We have been advising Ford Germany since 2006, also helping the Ford Motor Company with the implementation of process improvements worldwide. Our consulting services for the company also include extensive training.


    The leader in embedded safety and security has been turning to us for our professional services since 2016. We support Green Hills Software relating to industry requirements, such as Automotive SPICE® and functional safety.

    HELLA – SINCE 2008

    We have been working intensively with the automotive division at HELLA and its subsidiary companies since 2008, primarily on continuous improvements to its development processes and staff training.


    We support the Hyundai Motor Group with the planning and implementation of improvement programmes and training at its sites in South Korea and Europe.

    IAV – SINCE 2009

    We support IAV Automotive Engineering in Germany and the rest of Europe with management consulting, training concepts and improvement programmes.


    We support Infineon Technologies in Germany with improvement programmes and staff training.




    We advise INTEL throughout Europe on process improvements, also providing staff with training in this area.




    We help the Magna Steyr development unit in Europe with improvement programmes, project support and training.



    We have been supporting Magneti Marelli in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world with process improvements and projects since 2004.


    We have been working with Marquardt in Germany since 2000, primarily offering management consulting, process improvements and project support.

    NIO – SINCE 2018

    We have been working in China with Nio since 2018, not only offering methodical and systematic support with development processes, but also running fast-track training for development teams.


    We have been helping the automotive division of ThyssenKrupp improve its development processes based on reference models since 2008. We also train staff in Germany and the rest of Europe.

    VALEO – SINCE 2000

    We have been an important contact for Valeo since 2002, primarily in the area of improvement programmes, project support and training in Germany and France.


    We have been supporting the Visteon Corporation since the beginning of the century, not only with management consulting but also with improvement and training programs in Europe and the rest of the world.


    We have been supporting VW since 2000 with management systems, improvement programmes, project management units and training. We have also been a VW-CERTIFIED SOFTWARE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT LEADER since 2014.

    Kugler Maag Cie North America

    Our partner office in North America is located in the metropolitan region around Detroit – the Motor City. To be more specific, they’re in Troy, Michigan. The North American team holds vast knowledge in all topics related to the development of automotive electronics and reliable mobility products. 

    The interdisciplinary experts working support OEMs and suppliers in enhancing workflows and improving their approach towards innovation goals. After conducting a thorough assessment and analysing the current situation, his electronics experts recommend functioning innovations and provide staff with fast-track training. Their support spans the full range of consulting services offered by Kugler Maag Cie, from Automotive SPICE® to FUNCTIONAL SAFETY (ISO 26262) and CYBERSECURITY in product development.


    With the help of the Kugler Maag of North America team, we have been able to build a world-class product with Functional Safety in mind.

    Chris Thibodeau CEO of Ushr


    We knew focusing on our User Interface would create a much better product, but we now expect the help we received on the end-to-end customer experience to bring the greatest Return on Investment and far exceed our expectations.

    Dr. Elisa Teipel Co-Founder & VP of Innovation for Essentium

    We’re delighted that KUGLER MAAG CIE North America has become a leading address for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in such a short time. Its customer base encompasses numerous tech companies and software developers working on embedded software in California, many of which are helping develop a new infrastructure for the car industry through connectivity.

    Kugler Maag Cie China

    The most recent subsidiary to join the Kugler Maag Cie group of companies is known as Kú Lé Mǎ. KUGLER MAAG CIE Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 after it became necessary to develop closer relationships with customers thanks to a sharp rise in projects in the expanding markets of East Asia. Kailai Sun is director of operations at the company in the Jiading district of the city.


    Together with his team, he helps drive new technology in the fledgling vehicle industry in China and develop the market for autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. Making a success out of emerging technology takes discipline and reliable development processes. This is where our many years of experience come into play.

    Kailai Sun Kugler Maag Cie


    The consulting services offered by Kugler Maag Cie in China also include our vertically integrated consulting portfolio, from management consulting for E/E decision-makers to successful implementation in full production. To deliver these services, we combine established methods such as Automotive SPICE® and FUNCTIONAL SAFETY with the requirements of industry, such as AUTOMOTIVE CYBERSECURITY and AGILE PRINCIPLES. Our TRAINING PROGRAMME includes regular courses in Shanghai and Beijing.


    Kugler Maag Cie also offers you the opportunity to engage in INTERDISCIPLINARY PARTNERSHIPS spanning different areas of competence. These are specifically targeted at the emerging Chinese automotive industry: “Working in partnership within the UL Solutions competence network, we cover the entire product development process for automotive electronics,” explains Steffen Herrmann, consulting lead at Kugler Maag Cie.

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    • Consolidating software skills, especially in development units
    • Assessing the starting point in your market and pinpointing potential areas of improvement
    • Developing end-to-end improvement concepts with the aim of striking the right balance between your business requirements, your product and technology goals, and your organisational structures and workflows
    • Preparing and gearing your development units to new requirements such as agility and cybersecurity
    • Adhering to industry standards, manufacturing requirements and safety standards
    • Providing your employees with training and thus equipping them with the right skills