Capability maturity model integration

Market leaders in a number of sectors of industry have used CMMI® 2.0 to raise efficiency or enhance their quality. The maturity model captures the tried-and-tested approaches used by these successful companies. We improve your processes in development, procurement and service delivery.

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    CMMI® – what exactly is it?

    Leading German automotive companies have structured the process landscapes of their development units based on this reference model. CMMI® is just as useful for complex development projects as it is for services, across a variety of sectors of industry, from aviation to insurance. CMMI® is ideal for introducing agile methods, because it can combine the advantages of process maturity with conformability.

    Using CMMI® allows companies to improve their processes and for example reduce risk, raise efficiency and improve quality.

    The CMMI® model covers

    • Procurement – CMMI® for Acquisition
    • Development – CMMI® for Development
    • Service provision – CMMI® for Services

    We would be happy to help you assess the capabilities of your processes in the areas of development and service provision, also within the context of your business objectives. The aim is to deal effectively with all kinds of issues relating to quality standards, customer satisfaction, missing deadlines and overrunning on project costs, and inefficient working practices. By using the CMMI® maturity model, we lay a foundation for systematically supporting you with the development of products and the delivery of services.

    CMMI® 2.0 for product development

    Fuzzy, incomplete requirements? Suboptimal product designs? Complicated changes at the last minute? Unsystematic, poorly documented tests? For processes to run smoothly in development, a number of factors need to come together. By applying CMMI® for Development to your situation, we ensure that you improve your processes – from specifying requirements to acceptance testing.

    CMMI® for Development is aimed at companies in all sectors of industry that develop products or services. We support you in ensuring your development activities run smoothly. In practical terms, this involves optimising the timing and costs of processes, and delivering high-quality products and services.

    CMMI® for Development allows us to ensure your development adheres to systematic procedures. To do this, we take each area of activity into account – such as requirement management, design, implementation and testing, but also background activities such as project management, supplier monitoring, quality assurance, configuration management, risk management and much more.

    We support you with CMMI® for Development in terms of

    • Systematic requirement planning
    • End-to-end procedures in development and the testing of products and services
    • Uniform process management in agile and classic organisations
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    CMMI® 2.0 for services

    Infinite waiting, continual to-ing and fro-ing between different people, long downtimes in services – sounds familiar? When it gets this bad, everyone starts feeling unhappy. With CMMI® for Services and us to help you, things like this wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    Services adhering to high standards

    We offer you tried-and-tested methods for improving quality and customer satisfaction in the provision of services. CMMI® for Services can be applied to all kinds of services, for example for insurance, financial institutions, call centres, the healthcare industry and IT.

    Many of the terms and concepts of CMMI® for Services are very similar to ITIL, the tool used in the IT sector. This makes it possible to achieve strong synergies in terms of uniform methods in IT development and operations, as well as improved transfer interfaces.

    We support you with CMMI® for Services to

    • Deliver services based on standard service definitions
    • Introduce or transfer services into live operations
    • Systematically deal with service interruptions, risks and problems
    • Manage your capacities and availability
    • Plan a service strategy

    CMMI® – things are easier with us

    To help you with your project, we apply the tried-and-tested methods and processes of CMMI® for Development and CMMI® for Service, based on the many years of experience of our experts. This ensures we achieve ultimate efficiency – whether we are conducting appraisals, running CMMI® courses or providing consulting services for your projects on site. You can rely on our strong track record and experience.