Automotive SPICE® and agile

The application of agile practices within the context of Automotive SPICE®: agile principles, methods and practices make it possible to introduce efficient processes rather than rigid rules and bureaucratic procedures – in keeping with Automotive SPICE®. On this course, we show you how to make development in the automotive industry more adaptable.

  • Automotive SPICE and agile

    Training objectives & content

    This course provides an overview of the kinds of projects that are suited to agile development processes, methods and practices, also outlining the problems they allow you to deal with. By drawing on a selection of Automotive SPICE® processes we show you where and the extent to which agile methods support the requirements of Automotive SPICE®.

    • Training kicks off with an overview of the market to show you which agile development processes, methods and practices are already in use in the automotive industry.
    • Ten Automotive SPICE® processes are examined to show in detail how agile methods and practices support these processes. The selected processes are used in software engineering, management and supporting processes. Of course, just because you use agile methods and practices, that doesn’t necessary mean you comply with all the requirements of Automotive SPICE®. There are however ways to introduce additional instruments that allow you to meet the requirements in full. We show you how by drawing on actual examples from business.
    • Using a case study, we show you how a leading automotive supplier succeeded in realigning processes in its development department using agile methods and practices.
    •   1 Day
    •   from 9 - 17 o'clock
    •   Inhouse only
    •   DE | EN
    •   limited to 12 participants

    Key topics covered by the course

    • Overview of agility and agile methods, practices and principles
    • Overview of Automotive SPICE®
    • How can I use agile methods by drawing on the principles of Scrum and still fulfil the requirements of Automotive SPICE®?
    • Examples of application to business
    • The particular challenges of applying agile methods to selected processes
      Focus: software engineering processes, supporting processes and project management
    • What needs to be considered when preparing for and planning an assessment?
    • In this course we examine a selection of development processes, methods and practices from the entire spectrum of agile approaches. In addition to looking at Scrum and Kanban, we also discuss the use of continuous integration, test-driven development and Xtreme programming.

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    Smilja Mateja, Training Coordination


    If you work in electronics development at a vehicle manufacturer or one of its suppliers, you’re practically in ‘the thick of the action’.

    Are you a

    • Project manager?
    • Team leader or department manager?
    • A person responsible for process improvements or quality assurance? 

    If you are, you have to remain flexible and be prepared to react quickly to changing requirements – yet still meet the requirements of Automotive SPICE®.

    Participation requirements

    You are familiar with the fundamental concepts of Automotive SPICE®. You also have a command of the theoretical principles of different agile development methods and practices, such as Scrum, Kanban, continuous integration and test-driven development. You’re now interested in finding out how to apply these agile approaches to your project, in a way that matches your objectives.

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    As a participant on this course, in addition to comprehensive training material, we also give you a copy of the Automotive SPICE® and Agile pocket guide. This handy guide provides you with useful support if you would like to apply agile methods to electronics development. Particular attention is given to Scrum, Kanban, continuous integration and test-driven development (TDD) in automotive electronics. You are shown key processes that demonstrate how to use agile development methods and practices in accordance with Automotive SPICE®.

    This pocket guide and all training materials are available in English.


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