Get ASEP/CSEP-ready: Automotive Systems Engineering: Join the key concepts class

Make better decisions for your automotive systems both as manager and engineers: Improve your organization, your product, your team—and your professional career. Considering the automotive industry, this course is the best way to face current automotive challenges and to prepare you to pass the INCOSE Associate/Certified Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP/CSEP).

The software-centric car is driving the needs of the industry. 

To master the convergence of domains—software, hardware, mechanics, data, back-end systems, etc., the automotive industry also requires the capability to develop and integrate these domains into one system.

In addition, this course will use a dedicated example to visualize the key concepts of INCOSEs Systems Engineering Handbook v4. Both during the sessions and in exercises you will gain insights into real life aspects as well as understanding of related standards.

As a systems engineer, you have the entire system in mind.  

It's that system holistic understanding that makes you an indispensable asset to your employer. 

    NOV 21—DEC 7, 2022

    2 weeks. 6 sessions.

    That first step in your SE career is to take a big picture view:

    • The training provides you with fundamental knowledge that will enable you to register for the Associate/Certified Systems Engineering Professional exam at INCOSE based on their Systems Engineering Handbook v4.
    • Even more: The course references to the key concepts of the international standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 for system life cycle processes in such a way that you can understand and apply the system life cycle processes from an automotive point of view.
    • As additional topping, you will understand how risks related to functional safety (e.g., ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (e.g., ISO/SAE 21434) of the product can be addressed in your systems engineering approach. 

    The design of the course supports a unique learning experience:

    • Distance learning  You attend the online sessions with your own equipment in your familiar environment wherever you are on the globe.
    • Experienced trainers  You're in a live training with one or more physical trainers. You can discuss your questions and deepen your understanding in exercises both during and in between sessions.
    • Modular structure   You choose the sessions that are important to you. You do not pay for topics you already know. If you want, you can also get a video recording at a lower price for selected sessions. 
    • E/E engineering insights  Theory is one thing, for a deep understanding you will learn the key aspects based on an ongoing example: an anti-theft device typical for a modern vehicle.

    Distance learning

    Join this class from the comfort of your own home.

    Modular sessions

    Attend exactly the sessions that move you forward.

    Quick results

    Join 20+ modules spread over 6 days, within one fortnight.

    Topics of learning of this Automotive SE course

    21 NOV Session 1

    • Motivation for professional systems engineering concepts
    • Introduction to the »Systems Engineering Handbook« and »Book of Knowledge«
    • Overview of related standards
    • Getting familiar with the example
    • Understanding of key terminology 
    • Get to know good systems engineering principles

    23 NOV Session 2

    • Handling stakeholders and their expectations
    • Looking into requirements engineering and architectural design
    • Addressing decision making

    25 NOV Session 3

    • Key concepts for implementation and integration
    • Expectations for verification & validation

    28 NOV Session 4

    • ​​​​​​Looking at project management
    • Applying risk management
    • How to measure (KPIs)
    • Ensuring consistency with configuration and change request management

    2 DEC Session 5

    • Preparing process assets and process management
    • Understand governance and quality assurance
    • Benefits of tailoring
    • Exploring change management

    7 DEC Session 6

    • A blueprint for Automotive integrated Development (AiD) 
    • Tying all together
    • Revisiting key concepts
    • Exam preparation

    In between sessions

    • Self-study
    • Online videos to deepen your understanding
    • Exercises to test your knowledge
    • Quizzes for exam preparation

    After this training on ASE key concepts, you'll be able to

    • Understand how complex automotive systems are built and interact.
    • Know how to understand and incorporate the different interests of stakeholders.
    • Learn how to use system architecture as a basis for early design decisions that enable future functionality, especially related to digital services and cybersecurity.
    • Understand how INCOSEs Systems Engineering Handbook and the related ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 provide a framework of good practices–and to what extent this applies for automotive systems.
    • Explain the impact of other regulatory requirements like Automotive SPICE and functional safety/cybersecurity aspects.
    • Effectively and efficiently take the ASEP/CSEP certification.

    Target audience

    1. E/E managers
    2. Project managers
    3. E/E engineers
    4. Quality-related roles
    5. Process-related roles


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    Smilja Mateja, Training Coordination