State of the art. Automotive engineering white papers

To complement our research program, you can find white papers on current automotive engineering topics here. The publications have been produced in collaboration with well-known industry partners.

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Software Delivery Performance KPIs in Automotive

With a delivery pipeline, a company can continuously deliver additional functionality to its customers at a rapid pace. Four key performance indicators support the capability to drive the delivery pipeline. These metrics have a direct impact on business performance and have been customized to support development of both off-the-shelf software (OTS) and cloud-based services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In addition, the KPIs support a continuous learning process and allow benchmarking at both team and organizational level.

The paper was written by consulting expert Sergej Weber from Kugler Maag Cie in collaboration with Rainer Dammers, ETAS.

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Already several thousand subscribers worldwide use our free Video Campus. You will find tutorial videos and expert talks in the areas of Automotive SPICE®, Automotive Cybersecurity and Functional Safety.  


Automotive SPICE goes Mechatronics

Systems engineering in conjunction with software, hardware and mechanical development: In this pocket guide, you will find all the key processes you need for the integrated and coordinated development of mechatronic systems in ground vehicles.

Automotive Cybersecurity 2020

How do experts assess the status of cybersecurity activities in the automotive industry? In the industry barometer »Automotive Cybersecurity. State of Practice 2020«, experts from E/E development give their assessment of the questions that challenge newcomers to the field of cybersecurity in particular.


Ten lessons you can learn as a manager from sport. Our management consultant Steve Tengler offers a unique combination of experience, not only based on his time in management but also his voluntary work coaching young people engaging in sport. The result: 10 fascinating lessons of management.



Systems Engineering for AI and ADAS

This whitepaper on the Challenges in System Engineering of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems explains in six steps the approaches that can be used by system engineers with the product design of embedded systems.

The paper was written by consulting expert Dr Michael Faeustle from Kugler Maag Cie in collaboration with Sky Matthews, Chief Technical Officer for the Internet of Things at IBM.

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The internet of things creates networks between different functions within a company – a challenge to traditional thinking when it comes to the division of labour. Digital services should be designed on a multi-departmental basis. In a guest article for the IoT blog of, we show how BizDevOps can be leveraged to create a uniform UX.