Automotive SPICE? Anything but rocket science

There are many rumors in the automotive industry about what Automative SPICE is all about. One thing Automotive SPICE is definitely not is rocket science. Do you have any doubts about it? Then watch this video and learn how Lisa, a newcomer to Automotive SPICE and process improvement, implemented the process model in her company.

The process profiles at a glance

Interested in finding out more about Automotive SPICE® processes from VDA Scope? Our free pocket guide provides you with a summary of all key information.

The Automotive SPICE® model provides a basis for improving and evaluating processes. It defines requirements for the development of mechatronic systems with a focus on their software and system aspects. Since version 3.1 of the standard, other development disciplines (e.g. hardware development, mechanical development, cybersecurity, etc.) can be added to Automotive SPICE®.

In the project Automotive SPICE® is used for

  1. Determination of the status of workflows
  2. Determination of process quality at the supplier

The capability determination, the so-called assessment, is used for risk assessment in the context of supplier qualification. This includes a process dimension as well as a capability dimension with so-called maturity levels.

In the process dimension, Automotive SPICE® provides 32 process requirement profiles in the fields of systems engineering, software engineering, procurement, management, and support. Project managers can use these as good practice in their process design. In an assessment, only a core selection is considered. 

Image   The Automotive SPICE process model
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Steffen Herrmann and the sales team


  • Achieving the required capabiltiy levels within your key processes in development
  • Systematically improving existing workflows and methods
  • Evaluating the status of your process improvements through formal assessments and gap analysis
  • Fulfilling the requirements of Automotive SPICE® in harmony with SECURITY, FUNCTIONAL SAFETY and AGILE METHODS
  • Training your staff and assessors

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