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Involved in the challenges of Automotive SPICE, particularly quality assurance? Read on for a quick overview of key information on SUP.1, a key process from VDA Scope, including a video and our free white paper.

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Automotive SPICE® is a trademark of VDA QMC.

The Quality Assurance process in Automotive SPICE® (also known as SUP.1) helps your organization to provide "independent" assurance that quality objectives are met, and deviations are resolved.

To ensure this, your independent Quality Assurance engineers work closely with the developers. If the quality goals are not met, they will ensure that corrective action is taken. If necessary, they can escalate to management through an independent reporting channel.

The following are the most important aspects of Quality Assurance in Automotive SPICE®.

Image   The SUP.1 process under VDA Scope
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Interested in finding out more about Quality Assurance (SUP.1), the Automotive SPICE® process from VDA Scope? Our free white paper provides you with a summary of all key information, including an extract from our book on Automotive SPICE® Essentials  ideal reading for anyone new to the topic of process improvements. 

You must have a great Quality Assurance strategy.

A good strategy makes it clear to all involved which quality objectives you are aiming for and how you want to achieve them. Collect the right quality objectives and make sure your quality checks are aligned with these objectives. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on what is really important for your business and do it right.

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You must set up effective Quality Assurance methods.

Have an independent Quality Assurance engineer to support the project. The Quality Assurance engineer helps the project team to plan and perform their reviews and tests. The Quality Assurance engineer checks whether the project team is carrying out these activities correctly and on time.

You must effectively solve your quality problems.

The Quality Assurance engineer will talk to the person responsible for the quality problem and agree on a corrective action and a due date. When the due date is over, the Quality Assurance engineer checks whether the corrective action has been completed. If not, he’ll remind the person, set a new due date, check again, and so on. The Quality Assurance engineer would escalate to the next level of management if someone is not willing to cooperate.

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As part of our strategy to systematically improve development processes in the automotive electronics sector, we are also an official licensee of Automotive SPICE® – a trademark of the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA QMC).

  • Using AUTOMOTIVE SPICE® to achieve the required maturity levels within your key processes in development
  • Systematically improving existing workflows and methods
  • Evaluating the status of your process improvements through formal assessments and gap analysis
  • Fulfilling the requirements of Automotive SPICE® in harmony with SECURITY, FUNCTIONAL SAFETY and AGILE METHODS
  • Training your staff and assessors

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