Eatron takes a thorough approach – safe processes at a start-up for automotive software platforms

Eatron Technologies is a fast growing technology start-up that offers manufacturers a complete platform for software-defined vehicles. Based on this, Eatron has also developed applications for battery management and motion control. In order to convince in the safety-minded car industry, Eatron combines technological ambitions with safe and reliable development processes from the very beginning.

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The car industry is moving towards the software-defined vehicle and new car architectures – the start-up Eatron has already been at the forefront with its software platform for five years. The Warwick-based technology company's connected automotive software platform combines edge, AI and cloud layers for series production. Other specific applications are built on this modular platform, BMSTAR for battery management or IMSTAR for motion control. In this context, robustness is an important feature to be capable of offering cross-manufacturer system solutions. Therefore, Eatron Teachnologies focuses on quality and safety from the very beginning. These are part of the start-up's DNA and are reflected in the development processes.

Committed to safety

Through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Eatron is able to deliver the smart products and services its customers want – in compliance with process requirements such as Automotive SPICE® and functional safety according to ISO 26262. This is driven by the conviction of Eatron's management that smart mobility will prevail if it is developed in a planned and structured manner. Eatron therefore engaged Kugler Maag Cie to assess its capabilities and subsequently set up measures to improve its process landscape.




Warwick, England



Process improvement goals

These were the quality goals that were the focus of the project assignment

  • increase of customer satisfaction
  • achievement of project goals 
  • continuous and systematic process improvement 

Eatron and Kugler Maag created and maintained an improvement plan together with the quality expert and the project team. The approach was to perform gap analyses, improvement activities and prioritize them in order to meet the expectations of the manufacturers and system suppliers.  

Together, a process landscape was built for this purpose. The processes were regularly evaluated through internal audits for all engineering and support processes. Based on these findings, the project teams were supported through coaching and guidance in the implementation of corrective actions. This approach was highly appreciated by Eatron's customers.

The approach included

  • thorough review of work products 
  • internal project reviews, 
  • evaluation of the achievement of objectives and the quality of service at the end of the project (quality follow-up), and appropriate corrective actions identified at all stages of the project.

With the assessment and consultancy services provided by Kugler Maag Cie we have managed to develop highly efficient processes, tailorable for different domains and integrity levels. They have been integral in the production of our process descriptions that complement our diverse systems and software development tooling.

Gareth Price Director of Software Delivery and Assurance, Eatron Technologies


Reliability and safety both rise and fall with the care with which a company develops its products based on defined work processes: The best idea is worthless if it has not been implemented thoroughly. The management of Eatron Technologies understood this – the process improvement experts from Kugler Maag Cie were taken with the living safety culture they observed at Eatron. "Eatron has set up development processes of its own accord and follows them carefully. The commitment of management and engineers to include process requirements from the beginning is exceptionally high," stated Fabian Müller, Senior Consultant at Kugler Maag Cie, very pleased with the corporate culture.

Specifically, Kugler Maag Cie supports Eatron Technologies in meeting the expectations of Automotive SPICE® up to Capability Level 2 and ISO 26262:2018. For this purpose, a process landscape was built that meets Eatron's needs as an agile start-up.

With the support of Kugler Maag, Eatron Technologies has already achieved Capability Level 1 of Automotive SPICE® in most processes within the VDA scope in a relatively short span of time. Jointly, we are moving towards Capability Level 2 and beyond. 


Automotive SPICE®

Functional safety

  • gap analysis
  • audits & assessments
  • improvement programs