Automotive SPICE v4 – Learn more about the changes

In the fall of 2023, the VDA QMC will publish version 4.0 of Automotive SPICE. This generation of the process model will be more inclusive towards the mechatronic systems. For this, additional PAMs will be incorporated as well as a new process. Learn more on it in our short video.

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What's new?

Yes, there are some some significant changes in the fourth generation of ASPICE:

  • Process models on both Hardware Engineering and Machine Learning Engineering will be incorporated into ASPICE.   
  • A new validation process is in place to validate that the integrated system meets stakeholder requirements. 
  • The role of strategies is realigned.
  • There are plenty minor changes on the detail levels. 
  • A new training scheme will be introduced accordingly.
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Steffen Herrmann und das Sales-Team

Stay tuned

We will post more information as we receive it. Currently, we're preparing a new pocket guide and a more detailled video on Automotive SPICE v4.0. There's also a free update training. 

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