What's new with Automotive SPICE v4.0?

Find out more about the changes in the recently released version v4.0 of the Automotive SPICE process model. In videos, we explain the changes to both the model and the accompanying training and certification program.

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The changes within ASPICE v4.0

Automotive SPICE v4.0 was published in December 2023. 

This version changes include

  1. Structural changes
  2. Changed generic practices
  3. New training program

To keep you update, we maintain a micro-site on Automotive SPICE v4.0. Please visit this page for more detailed information.

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Steffen Herrmann und das Sales-Team

New trainings ahed

Update training

Our update training addresses the questions of ASPICE practitioners. The course creates of the changes related to ASPICE v4.0.

Upgrade training

For lead assessors and trainers we recommend the official upgrade training to make you familar with these changes. This course is mandatory for assessments and training courses acc. to ASPICE v4.0.