The new report on Open Source in Automotive E/E development is available

Open source in the automotive industry: everyone is talking about it, but implementation is still in the stars. We wanted to find out what's going on with the topic with the current State of Practice. Read more in the report on the survey.

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»Automotive FLOSS. State of Practice«

Together with experts from leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as from other embedded industries, Kugler Maag Cie conducted qualitative interviews to discuss the intent and extent to which open source: free, libre and open source software, is now being used in car development.

This was motivated by an elephant in the room: In external communication, companies emphasize how essential open source projects are. What's more, the open source approach seems to be the perfect answer to reducing complexity in the connected car with new, server-like vehicle architectures.

In practice, however: disillusionment. We have investigated the contradiction with the industry barometer Automotive FLOSS. State of Practice to get to the bottom of this paradox. What is the actual state of the open source application, and what potential do the experts surveyed see for FLOSS in the automotive industry?

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The report on the industry barometer Automotive FLOSS. State of Practice 2021 can be downloaded here free of charge.

About State of Practice

The State of Practice industry barometer is a series of surveys on selected topics of automotive E/E R&D. For the surveys, we ask experts and practitioners from development projects about how they deal with current challenges and what potential they see in the topic. Depending on the subject, we choose the appropriate survey design and research methods, e.g., deep expert interviews or broad surveys. Currently, reports on Agile Automotive, Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering and Automotive Open Source are available. 

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