The mechanical engineering plug-in allows you to use Automotive SPICE® as a process framework for developing entire mechatronic systems to be used in cars. This plug-in provides you with specific development processes for mechanical system and components.


The functionalities in the modern vehicle are based on software, hardware and mechanics interacting. To synchronize these, it is necessary for your development teams to work together right from the start. With Automotive SPICE® for the mechanical domain, you develop your mechanical systems in coordination with the software parts. In our tutorial, we show you how SPICE for Mechanical Engineering works.

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For an introduction to SPICE for Mechanical Engineering, watch our video. You will also find this information in the free white paper, supplemented by clear illustrations.

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The plug-in concept of Automotive SPICE® allows to define specific development processes for different engineering tasks. With these specific processes the software-oriented Automotive SPICE® model can be augmented towards other domains. The intacs™ assessor association has worked out a plug-in for mechanical development which allows you to apply the reference model to the development of mechanical systems and related components.

MSE.1 Mechanical System Requirements Analysis

MSE.2 Mechanical System Architectural Design


MCE.1 Mechanical Component Requirements Analysis

MCE.2 Mechanical Component Design

MSE.4 Mechanical System Qualification Test

MSE.3 Mechanical System Integration and Integration Test


MCE.5 Test against Mechanical Component Requirements

MCE.4 Test against Mechanical Component Design

MCE.3 Mechanical Component Sample Production

Automotive SPICE goes Mechatronics

Systems engineering in conjunction with software, hardware and mechanical development: In this pocket guide, you will find all the key processes you need for the integrated and coordinated development of mechatronic systems in ground vehicles.


We are a founding member of intacs™ (the International Assessor Certification Scheme). The intacs™ initiative dovetails with Automotive SPICE® to safeguard common standards laid down by the German automotive industry for the training and certification of assessors.



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Our training course on mechanical engineering for Automotive SPICE® provides you with a fundamental understanding of how to develop mechanical systems within the scope of Automotive SPICE® and systematically improve your processes. 


Delegates from these companies have been engaged in this intacs working group

  • Brose Vehicle Components
  • Conti Temic microelectronic
  • F+S Fleckner and Simon Information Technology
  • Hilti
  • Mando Corporation Europe
  • Robert Bosch ZF Friedrichshafen
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